Therapy Session



PTRC offers the following services:

-Individual Psychoanalysis/Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

- Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis/Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

- Infant Mental Health

- Parental Psychotherapy and counselling assistance.

- Young People's Counselling Service

- Marital Counselling Service

- Couples and Family Psychotherapy

- Short term Crisis Intervention Psychotherapy

- Short term Bereavement Assistance

 One of our core objectives at PTRC is to offer affordable therapy at our clinics / online to all those who are in need of it. 

The scope of the Clinics' work includes understanding difficulties in emotional relationships, helping to cope with bereavement, child abuse, communication and autistic disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, eating disorders, self-harm and substance abuse in children and adults.

These are the only clinics in Mumbai that provide help with emotional difficulties through psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. They make this service accessible to people of all incomes, through fees that are structured on a sliding scale.

Names of Trustees


1) Mr. Hormuzd Madan

2) Mr. Navroz Seervai

3) Mr. Homi Khusrokhan

4) Ms. Devasmita Menon

5) Ms. Amita Malkani

6) Mr. Anurag Kanodia

Names of Donors


1) Capt. Somesh Batra

2) Mr. Navroz Seervai

3) Lalkaka Family Trust