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Image by Fernando @cferdo

Anxiety & Depression in times of COVID - 19

COVID-19 has raised anxiety levels all over the world, spiked by continuous news of its deadly contagion. This seems to me, so similar to the way anxiety enters and takes over our minds. We all have unresolved anxieties

Ms. Minnie Dastur

Image by Brett Jordan

Resilience in times of COVID -19

The feelings come up in a non linear way and i am put in touch with a truth beyond the current moment. 

Within it is wisdom that has contributed to the resiliency of my people from time and eternity 

Ms. Micky Bhatia

Image by Usman Yousaf

Anger as a defence against vulnerability 

The angry feelings that come up, especiallt those in response to the numerous losses and deprications, we are presently confronted with so much anger raging within us, we turn to our entire mental energy to an outside "enemy" which has become both the cause of and the target of our anger 

Ms. Zarine D'monte

Image by Duangphorn Wiriya

Understanding children's anxieties in times of COVID - 19

Based on age and levels of maturity, children face different degrees of anxieties, which cannot be avoided fully but certainly can be coped with better. 

It is important that parents and other adults in the family stay realistic. When children feel confused and anxious their ability to function and think creatively will be impaired 

Ms. Banu Ismail

Image by Elisa Ventur

Frustration in the time of COVID - 19

Frustration is an emotional response to deprivation and helplessness. At this time, we have been suddenly and drastically deprived of many freedoms that we never fully realised we had. 

Ms. Nuzhat Khan 

Image by Adrian Swancar

Loss & Grief in times of COVID - 19

There is a predominant emotion of intense grief felt by those who have lost a loved one, but at times also by people with no personal tragedy. 

What is important is to recognise these emotions for what they are, find ways of dealing with them and emerge more balanced and stronger.

Ms. Gouri Salvi

Image by Emily Morter

Confusional state of mind

Confusional states are disturbed states of mind, when one cannot accept hated parts of the self. These parts are then split off from our conscious minds, creating a chronic inability to differentiate between reality and phantasy. 
These kinds of confusion have their base in the very first conflict between the impulses of love and hate, towards one's earliest relationship, that have not been resolved and cannot be resolved.

Ms. Minnie Dastur 

Covid 19

The Virus 

Just as the children were kept indoors during the Polio epidemic, we too have been in quarantine for 6 weeks and counting. 

Financial systems are collapsing and millions of people are hungry and homeless. Life as we knew it has been changed by the Virus. WHat will be the impact of the lockdown on the psyche of people and of Nations? 

Ms. Manju Mukhi

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